Parish History

An Episcopal mission was formed in Buzzards Bay in 1938, and the first services were held in a vacant hall in  town.  The pews were folding chairs, the altar was unpainted plywood, but this small church began to grow.  The need for a church building soon became clear, and so the people of St. Peter’s set to work raising the money to make this possible.

In 1947, their persistence was rewarded in an unusual way.  St. Peter’s minister, the Rev. J.  Samuel Stephenson, heard of an unused church building in the town of Hull, some sixty miles away.  It was too expensive to transport  it by land, but then came another inspiration: bring it by water!  The church was loaded onto a barge and towed across Cape Cod Bay,  up the Cape Cod Canal to Buzzards Bay.  Through the diligent work of many parishioners, this old building was turned into a beautiful church.

The shells that rest above the sanctuary, the carving of a  fisherman and his net on the altar, the ship’s wheel that bears the sanctuary candle, and the nautical symbols on the end of each pew – all these reflect our  namesake, St. Peter the Fisherman, and our life near the sea.

St. Peter’s continued to grow, gaining parish status in 1965.  Many have called St. Peter’s home,  drawn to its distinctive character as a church whose people are servants and  friends of God.